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Landlord-Tenant Fee Structure & Other Fees


Complete Simple Summary Ejectment Representation


Without Appeal

$750   Flat Fee - Attorney

$  96   Filing Fee - Court

$  30   Service Fee per person - Sheriff (note:  this is per defendant)

$  30   Writ of Possession - Court

$906   Total (if one Defendant)

With Appeal

$1,000   Flat Fee - Attorney

$     96   Filing Fee - Court

$     30   Service Fee per person - Sheriff  (note:  this is per defendant)

$     20   Motion Fee - Court

$     30   Writ of Possession - Court

$1,176  Total (if one Defendant)

Note:  If a case goes from "Without Appeal" to "With Appeal" I only charge the difference in the Flat Fee Attorney Fee of $250.  I do require two checks or payments. one for fees and one for expenses.

With Writ of Execution (additional)

$  400  Flat Fee - Attorney

$    30  Writ of Execution - Court

$    30  Service Fee per Person - Sheriff (note:  this is per defendant)

$460  Total

Unbundled Services or A la Carte

$120   per hour, first 1/2 free - Initial Consult

$150   - Flat Fee - Lease Review

$200   - Flat Fee - Lease Drafting - Residential

$300   - Flat Fee - Summary Ejectment Consult

$350   - Flat Fee - Summary Ejectment Coaching

$650   - Flat Fee - Summary Ejectment Trial

$850   - Flat Fee - Summary Ejectment Appeal

Courthouse Settlements

Often cases settle at the courthouse and those settlements are often memorialized in a confession of judgment or lease amendment.  If the confession of judgment or lease amendment does not result in the outcome predicted by the settlement, there is no additional charge to evict the tenant when you purchase "Complete Summary Ejectment Representation."


My fees range from $95 to $195 per hour for individuals. I use the U.S. Federal Poverty Guideline for 2019, to determine the amount per hour you will be charged based on the amount you earn and the number of people in your family.  This is a sliding scale fee structure.  I also negotiate flat fee agreements for representation.


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